Our Family Beginnings…

As I begin this family blog I am 25 weeks (6 months) pregnant with our baby boy and girl twins.  I thought a blog would be a great way to tell our story, keep friends and family up to date with what is soon to become our crazy Case Crew!


Months 1-4 can be summed up pretty succinctly.  I threw up.  A LOT.

Month 5- I can eat again!  Hooray!  However, I am a burping machine.  My dreams are crazy now.  In one week alone I dreamed I was left by Rob and friends at a college football game and had to hitch a ride home in the back of a dump truck, was eaten by flesh eating zombies, and was left on the banks of the Amazon with my dog Frei near a straw hut only to be attacked by a lion.  Also, my latest pregnancy craving is Arby’s roast beef sandwiches.  I the last 15 years I have probably been to Arby 3 times, but in the last week I’ve been there 6 times…I have no idea why, but it’s all I want to eat lately!!!

Month 6- Tummy is really rounding out now!  I can feel Avett and Coda Belle moving around and kicking up a storm!  Last week my perinatologist told me that Coda Belle had slowed down in her growth and that I needed to exclude any and all exercise, increase my protein intake, and increase my caloric intake.  Where has this man been all my life?  Meanwhile, Rob is so jealous he doesn’t know what to do!  My most recent ultrasound picture shows a frontal view of each baby and Avett is waving to us!

To be continued…


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