The 52 Project-Coming Soon To A Blog Near You.

While I’ve had the camera out a lot in the last two years I truly feel like it is never going to be enough.  Each day brings a flood of precious moments with these sweet kids that I feel like I can never possibly come close to capturing all of the reasons in a day that I feel lucky to be their mother.  I cannot believe I am celebrating Avett and Cody’s 2nd birthday.  I’ve thought long and hard about what to do for them for their birthday this year.  We REALLY don’t need any more toys…especially since a mixing bowl and a spatula are all they really need to be happy.  So, I’m going to try to do something a bit more personal…something that will tell them a little more about their mother and hopefully capture some of their precious and fleeting childhood memories.  Every week I am going to get out the camera and take some portraits that capture a day in the life of our little family.  Happy second birthday to the funniest, sweetest, cuddliest little two year olds I know.  You are loved more than you can possibly imagine and joy follows you everywhere.




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