The 52 Project- Week 4

Today you had your first swim lesson at Twin Lakes with one of the swim coaches Jennifer.  She was great with both of you and you guys were AMAZING!  Apparently, most 2 year olds cry a lot at their first swim lesson… two were all smiles!  You learned to kick kick kick!IMG_1112 IMG_1117You learned to blow bubbles…IMG_1118IMG_1119IMG_1123Jennifer brought a Ken doll and a Barbie doll and you threw them into the water and swam to them…Ken worked on his tan by the pool.IMG_1127 IMG_1155IMG_1156 IMG_1158Jennifer also taught you to hold on to the side of the pool and wait until Mommy and Daddy could get to you for help.IMG_1132By the end of the swim lesson both of you were so brave you were jumping from the side of the pool into our arms!  Unbelievable!IMG_1133IMG_1134IMG_1141 IMG_1142Both of you practiced swimming on your bellies, scooping the through the water with your arms and kick kick kicking through the water with your legs!IMG_1145IMG_1146IMG_1151 IMG_1161At the end of your lesson Mama and Dada decided that you both deserved a Klondike Bar to split as a treat.  We were so proud of you!IMG_1164 IMG_1169

Bravo to our brave little swimmers!!!












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