The 52 Project- Week 5

Today was sort of a lazy day.  We’ve been so busy traveling and needed a lazy day around the house.  We started this morning crafting with stickers that Shannon Stratton gave you for your birthday…


Cody, every time I handed you a sticker you wanted to taste it…we were choosing different type of frosting stickers and decorations to put on top of pictures of cupcakes…and we all know you love cupcakes!

IMG_1177 IMG_1178 IMG_1180

While we had some downtime Daddy decided to put together the easel that Diane sent you for your birthday. Both of you were a big help to Dad while he put it together!

IMG_1181 IMG_1183

Once we got the easel together we started drawing with chalk.



For the first time ever Cody started to draw circles.  Here you are letting me know by drawing and saying, “Circles!  Circles!”


Cody, you love being able to wipe the easel clean and start again…

IMG_1201 IMG_1202 IMG_1203 IMG_1204

The two of you stood side by side drawing with chalk for quite a while…


And then Avett took over…


There were some chalky handprints left around the playroom…



Cody, you were so focused on your drawing that your feet gave you away.  First, you tried to climb into your drawing…


Then, you were on your tippy toes!


And here, you are kinking up your knee…

IMG_1214Next we moved outside to paint!




IMG_1219 IMG_1227 IMG_1228Avett, you really preferred “sorting the paints”…




Then, you decided to take a break from sorting and check out the back yard.


Then, back to sorting…this time in the back of your car.  : )


No paparazzi please!!!


Painting is exhausting and you were both soon ready for nap time!

IMG_1251 IMG_1241

All in all a wonderful day.  : )


The 52 Project- Week 4

Today you had your first swim lesson at Twin Lakes with one of the swim coaches Jennifer.  She was great with both of you and you guys were AMAZING!  Apparently, most 2 year olds cry a lot at their first swim lesson… two were all smiles!  You learned to kick kick kick!IMG_1112 IMG_1117You learned to blow bubbles…IMG_1118IMG_1119IMG_1123Jennifer brought a Ken doll and a Barbie doll and you threw them into the water and swam to them…Ken worked on his tan by the pool.IMG_1127 IMG_1155IMG_1156 IMG_1158Jennifer also taught you to hold on to the side of the pool and wait until Mommy and Daddy could get to you for help.IMG_1132By the end of the swim lesson both of you were so brave you were jumping from the side of the pool into our arms!  Unbelievable!IMG_1133IMG_1134IMG_1141 IMG_1142Both of you practiced swimming on your bellies, scooping the through the water with your arms and kick kick kicking through the water with your legs!IMG_1145IMG_1146IMG_1151 IMG_1161At the end of your lesson Mama and Dada decided that you both deserved a Klondike Bar to split as a treat.  We were so proud of you!IMG_1164 IMG_1169

Bravo to our brave little swimmers!!!











The 52 Project- Week 3

Every year we have “Fish Camp” with Nana’s brother and family as a sort of family reunion.  I believe the tradition started with trying to go see your Mama’s Grandmother (your great grandmother Helen) on her birthday every year in August.  Fish Camp is always a great time to relax and spend time with family…and of course…go fishing!  There were so many fun things for you guys to get into this year!

Avett, you were a big fan of one of Uncle Mike’s MG’s.  I think Uncle Mike said he has 27 different MG’s scattered about the property right now.  We played in this car for quite a while and then you found your reflection in one of the side mirrors.

2nd try

You also loved “driving” the car and making race car noises.  Honking the horn was a big hit…


After sitting in that MG you went to investigate another one that was close by…  You and Cody both loved to spin the wheels around…

IMG_0763 IMG_0765


Next we moved onto the lawn mower.  Avett, you loved the giant steering wheel…

IMG_0766 IMG_0769 IMG_0772 IMG_0775

Everyone loved lawn mower rides with Papa around the yard!

IMG_0808 IMG_0811

After a shaky canoe trip in the pond Uncle Mike found a safer way to go boating using the lawn mower.





Then it was time for Dada and your uncle Matt to show you how to fish!  Cody, you loved fishing and would go and sit next to whoever was fishing and say, “More fish!  More fish!”  You were so excited to touch all the fish that were caught!

IMG_0792 IMG_0796

There was a lot of cat chasing to be done as well.  Both of you chased around Mike and Diane’s cats, Lola and Peaches yelling, “Meow! Meow! Meow!”


Uncle Mike manned the grill for us while the ladies made some fancy drinks.  This year as a family outing we went to the Watershed distillery in Columbus to see how they made the gin, bourbon, and vodka.  Mama and Dada put it to good use and made homemade simple syrups (ginger, blueberry, and rosemary) to make some wonderful drinks with our goods from the distillery.  : )





Cody, you loved the pet tortoises Darwin and Logan.  We would go into the yard and collect dandelion greens to feed to the tortoises (their favorite)!  When you woke up from your nap later that day the first thing you said to me was “Tortoise!”

IMG_1071 IMG_1080


Everyone had a blast playing in the house outside!  Even Nana got in on the fun!

IMG_0870 IMG_0882 IMG_0884 IMG_0887


We all had a good time relaxing outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Fishing, knitting in our PJ’s, bubbles, and disc golfing!


IMG_0954 IMG_0976 IMG_0982

IMG_1040 IMG_1042

IMG_0988 IMG_0990

IMG_0985 IMG_1016



IMG_1085 IMG_1054 IMG_1010 IMG_1025

I’m not even sure how to explain the whole Curves t-shirt phenomenon that took a hold of the family on this particular weekend…




We had so much family fun and can’t thank Mike & Diane enough for hosting such a fabulous time!  We are looking forward to next year already!

The 52 Project-Week 2

Yesterday we decided to throw on our bathing suits and have some fun on the deck.  We started by filling up the water table, adding a squirt of dish soap, and having a good old fashioned car wash…

IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0702

Avett, you thought the cookie monster car looked especially dirty and needed a deep clean…


Cody, you had a great time just pouring the soapy water between these two cups.  You were so focused and did a great job keeping the water in the cups!


And then…you thought you needed a soapy beard.  : )


Avett, you kept saying “Bubbles!  Bubbles!” and had a great time just feeling the bubbles between your fingers…




While Avett dipped his toes in the pool, Cody decided to water my pot of mint and petunias with her bumble bee watering can…








Avett, I love that when you are really concentrating you stick out your tongue to help you focus…

IMG_0712 IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0718

Rush hour traffic puts Cody in a bad mood…


At least her curls look fabulous.  : )



AVETT!  Are you pouring your bubbles into the water table????  Can you say